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Shepherd of the Hills’ infant program provides a Christian atmosphere, a loving and caring environment for children ages six weeks to twelve months. It provides a nurturing “home away from home” with the opportunity for the children to grow spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally. Many stimulating activities encourage the infants to use their sensory and motor skills. They hear various sounds and music, see and manipulate a variety of educational objects, pictures and videos. They are given the chance to distinguish between a number of different textures and materials.

At Shepherd of the Hills, teachers spend quality time getting to know the needs of each child. They interact personally by talking, singing and reading interaction, feeding and comforting them. Daily communication with parents helps promote a safe and happy relationship with parents and helps the teacher better serve each child. We strive to make each child and their parents feel “at home” with staff.  We are proud of how each infant is truly loved and cared for by our experienced staff. Communication is a very important factor for the staff, they will provide a daily report of events, care, feedings and diaper changes – diaper checks are done on an hourly basis.

Infants in our program enjoy opportunities to be with children who are exhibiting similar physical growth milestones. In the infant program there are three rooms used for the care of the children. Children will transfer from one room to the other as they become more mobile. This provides the opportunity of helping our children develop together with their skills.

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Shepherd of the Hills’ toddler program creates a loving environment which develops a Christ-like atmosphere where toddlers – age twelve months to age two can learn and explore in many educational avenues. These little ones are involved in learning about Jesus through Bible stories, songs and finger plays. They are socially active as they play games and interact with each other. Language development opportunities are present daily, as are the learning of physical skills. Large and small muscle activities are developed as they run, jump and play on indoor and outdoor equipment.

The Toddlers are divided into two age groups, twelve-month olds to eighteen-month olds and eighteen-month olds to two-year olds, allowing the children to interact and play with other toddlers close to their age. Experienced teachers enjoy interacting and communicating with these children as they accommodate each child in reaching their goals.

Also, weekly chapel services provide them a chance to worship, sing praises and hear God’s Word in a children’s praise time geared to their level.

Two-year Olds
Shepherd of the Hills’ two-year old program provides a Christian atmosphere which structures activities around the curriculum and enables them to grow in their academic skills during their time in our preschool program. It includes center activities allowing the children the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. Daily Bible stories are presented teaching the students about their Savior. Also, weekly chapel services provide them a chance to worship, sing praises and hear God’s Word in a children’s praise time geared to their level.

The two year olds are divided into two age groups: the young twos (twenty-four months to thirty months) and the older twos (thirty months to thirty-six months). This allows the children to play and interact with children close to their age level. The teachers are experienced and share their love for Christ as they promote language skills in group circle time, create art projects and develop the children’s motor skills through play activities both indoors and outdoors. The young two-year olds use iPads on a daily basis.

Three-year Olds
Shepherd of the Hills’ three-year old program continues the theme found throughout our programs – a Christian loving atmosphere. A daily “Jesus Time” circle lets the children hear about the love of their Savior. Additional activities through music and games assist the children to engage in more activities related to their spiritual welfare. Weekly chapel services also provide opportunities to praise their Lord through songs, prayer and Bible stories.

We offer a structured curriculum that provides hands-on projects. Objectives include the basic knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers and language development. A critical component of the three-year old program is the development of social, emotional and physical skills. Children learn how to relate with others through play, working in centers and in circle time. The ultimate goal is to assist each child to become an independent learner and to build their confidence and self esteem. In this group, you will find experienced teachers who enjoy seeing children grow in all areas of learning. These children also have the opportunity to use iPads on a daily basis.

Before & After School – Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade
The need to have your child in care outside of the regular school day is a very real situation for many working parents. Before and after school care has always been a part of the regular program at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School. In the thirty year history of our school program, the day often begins and ends for our students by spending time in our before and after school childcare. Our students in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade have a chance to participate in a variety of activities during this time.

In the morning, children can arrive as early as 6:30 a.m. Our cafeteria setting allows children a chance to bring in breakfast. They also have time to take part in board games, building block activities or just finish some homework. At 7:30 a.m. the children move with their age group to one of five developmentally appropriate playgrounds before going to class.

The afternoon care program provides the students time for a snack, recreational play, time to complete homework and game room time. In addition to the regular schedule, students also can choose to participate in special activities such as dance, gymnastics, karate, jump rope or team sports. The dedicated staff is often found enjoying outdoor activities with the children in their care. It is a place where children can be safe, complete homework and have the benefit of caring staff who work to make this time special for your child on the same campus that he or she attends school. To help meet your needs the after school program runs until 6:30 p.m. each day.