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Art Classes Minimize

Creativity is a gift of God, and Art class is a time for your child to nurture and enjoy that gift. Participating in the arts provides your child the opportunity to develop higher order thinking skills, as defined in Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. Studying the great works of art and evaluating one's own art work allow your child to remember, understand, apply, analyze and create - all skills that are necessary in all aspects of life.

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students learn and practice the visual arts through the use of the McGraw-Hill SRA Art Connections curriculum  This curriculum integrates the perception, creative expression, cultural heritage, and evaluation into every lesson. Junior high art students utilize A World of Images curriculum by Davis Publications, as well as the Scholastic Art periodical.  The curriculum is enhanced by field trips to area museums.

While in art class, your child will explore great works of art and their artists, various world cultures and art history.  He or she will learn respect and appreciation of others and develop critical thinking skills by engaging in aesthetic perception and art appreciation exercises.  Your child will use a variety of media and techniques to express himself or herself creatively.  Art enrichment classes will be available after school, as well.

For more in-depth look at the art curriculum, please visit the Texas Education Agency web site or click here.

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