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Eighth Grade Minimize

Eighth grade is a time for our students to completely emerge as young Christian leaders and prepare for life beyond middle school. 

During Religion, 

students study the Holy Bible and its application to daily life using the One Life in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House. Students also meet once a week with the school pastor to discuss contemporary Christian topics. 

In English class students use the writing process to write in a variety of genres such as personal narratives, persuasive texts, poetry, and short stories among others. Language and grammar practice are integrated into student writing for more meaningful learning.

Literature class provides the opportunity for students to analyze novels, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. Students learn to distinguish between genres and how to analyze the use of literary elements. Vocabulary is integrated into student reading for meaningful learning.
Students are placed in either Math 8 (pre-algebra), Algebra 1 (high school credit), or Geometry 1 (high school credit) according to their developmental readiness.  The Go! Math curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and application and provides opportunities for differentiated learning. 
In Science students learn a variety of topics in nature with a focus on earth and space science. Using the new digital and print Houghton Mifflin curriculum, students participate in labs, demonstrations, and hands-on activities following the scientific method.
History class is the study of the history of the United States from the first global age through Reconstruction.  Students learn about the leaders who helped to form our country.  There is a strong focus on the Revolutionary and Civil War eras including student presentations.
Spanish class affords the opportunity to learn to communicate in Spanish.  Students work to master communication through the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.  After successful completion of Spanish classes in seventh and eighth grades, students earn one credit for high school foreign language requirements.

Other opportunities for academic and physical development in our Jr. High curriculum include Technology and Physical education. Students choose between Art, Band, Choir, Creative Writing, and Drama as year-long fine arts electives. This allows them to develop skills in public performance and appreciation of the arts.

For an in-depth look at the eighth grade curriculum, please visit the Texas Education Agency web site.