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Fourth Grade Minimize

While in fourth grade at Shepherd of the Hills your child will have the opportunity to develop his or her heightened sense of community.  There are opportunities for group work as well as team sports.  Working  well with others is a skill that your child will continue to use throughout his or her life time.

The One Life in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House provides a variety of ways for your child to grow in faith and the knowledge of Jesus Christ during Religion class.  Weekly Chapel and daily devotions will also help your child to grow and to recognize the need for a Savior.  Your child will develop an understanding of the Law and Gospel as it applies to daily living, as well as memorize Scripture verses to help make that application a reality.

In Language Arts classes, students work to improve their mastery of the spoken and written English language.  Grammar, Reading, Spelling, and Creative Writing all come into play to help further your child's education.  Students will be using the McGraw Hill curriculum to learn reading and writing strategies that will help them as they continue to grow and learn.

Your child will continue to develop Math skills through the use of the Saxon math curriculum.  Hands-on lessons, daily practice, and mental math exercises will help to strengthen your child's grasp of mathematical concepts.

Students will investigate and experience Science. The Texas Science Fusion curriculum incorporates inquiry skills, STEM skills, investigations, and many activities with opportunities to ask questions, think critically and enjoy applying hands-on science. The magazine-style textbook provides opportunities to taek notes, make sketches, and record data in the textbook.

In Social Studies students utilize the Harcourt Texas Edition HORIZONS curriculum. Students will be motivated to discuss, discover, and explore more about his or her home state of Texas. By developing map skills and completing engaging activities and projects, your child will learn about different historical people, places, and events which have and continue to impact present-day Texas.

To help complete your child's fourth grade education, he or she will participate in Art, Brain Power Hour, Handwriting, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology classes.  Field trips, both physical and virtual, help round out the school year.

For an in-depth look at the fourth grade curriculum, please visit the Texas Education Agency web site.

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