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Seventh Grade Minimize

Seventh grade is a time to master the skills taught in the elementary grades. Your child will expand those skills and use them in more complex and creative ways. It is an exciting year to watch students mature spiritually, academically, physically, and socially.

In Religion class the One In Christ curriculum, from Concordia Publishing House, will help your child grow in faith, love, and commitment to Jesus Christ, as well as in his or her knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology. Your child will spend time with a pastor and youth director to discuss topics relevant to middle school students through a Biblical perspective. Weekly Chapel, Scripture memorization, and daily devotions with prayer will also be an important part of the your child's curriculum.

In Math and Pre-Algebra your child will incorporate incremental development and continual review using the Saxon Math curriculum. Cumulative daily practice will strengthen your child's grasp of concepts, improving his or her flexibility to work with several mathematical concepts at a time.  It will also help to improve your child's long-term retention of concepts. Your child will develop mental math capabilities and learn to focus on participation and responsibility in learning.

During Literature your child will improve his or her reading strategies (literal, interactive, critical) by studying selected novels, short stories, plays, and poems from their Prentice Hall textbook and other creative resources. Vocabulary is integrated into student reading for meaningful learning. Your child will continue to develop Grammar skills through the use of the McDougal Littell curriculum and various writing activities, including creative writing and research writing.

Your child will learn Texas History and Texas Government using the Prentice Hall curriculum. Your child will be delve into early inhabitants, early exploration and European settlements, colonization, revolution, reconstruction and the development of Texas into the 21st century.

Life Science is emphasized using the new Houghton Mifflin digital curriculum. Science includes hands-on activities during labs, experiments, and demonstrations. Topics that we study include living things, cells, animals, and plants, as well as ecosystems.

Spanish, as a daily core class, can qualify students at the end of eighth grade for a high school credit of foreign language. Your child will choose between Art,Band, Choir, Creative Writing, or Drama as a year-long fine arts elective. Technology and Physical Education round out your child's seventh grade education.

For an in-depth look at the seventh grade curriculum, please visit the Texas Education Agency web site.

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