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Physical education classes are age-appropriate and offer challenging opportunities for your child, providing motivation for your child to strive for improvement.

In kindergarten through second grade, your child will work with parachutes, jump rope, dance, tag games, general space activities, and be introduced to skills for different sports, such as dribbling a basketball or soccer ball.

As a third through fifth grade student, your child will work with many of the same tools used in kindergarten through second grade, with more focus on sports he can play for a life time. This includes the appropriate skills and drills necessary to improve personal performance. Your child will be introduced to the rules of the sports for general knowledge.

In junior high, your child will focus more on all sports, yet still have the chance to experience dance and other general space activities. Also, cardio conditioning is something that is vitally important for every student. Your child will participate in at least ten straight minutes of physical fitness for each class.

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